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Where are the Bothan Spies in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story?”

Bothans? People everywhere remember something about Bothan Spies in Star Wars. They remember that the Bothan Spies were involved in stealing the plans for the Death Star. In fact, Mon Mothma does say that “many Bothans died” to bring the information to the Rebellion. That’s where there is a disconnect. Rogue One takes place prior to A New Hope. The line about ...

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Did The Force Awakens Plagiarize Star Wars?

Every four years, Americans are confronted with a basic question during presidential elections: change or more of the same? In the 2016 presidential campaign, the winning mantra definitely seems to be “change” of some sort, whether on the extreme left or the extreme right. In Star Wars fandom, audiences voted with their wallets for “more of the same” in The ...

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Retrospective Review: Return of the Jedi

Retrospective Review: Return of the Jedi by Dom Nardi In preparation for The Force Awakens, I’m rewatching all six Star Wars films and sharing my thoughts here. This week, I look at Return of the Jedi, the final film in the story… until now! For almost 30 years, Return of the Jedi was the end of the Star Wars saga. ...

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Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection is coming on April 10th! Get Details Here!

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming to theaters later this year, Disney wanted to get the party started a little early, and they’re doing just that this Friday. Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection will bring all six adventures to your digital movie collection for the first time. (And before you ask, the original trilogy appears to be the latest Special ...

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30 Unreleased Minutes of Return of the Jedi Discovered!

First, nine previously-lost Doctor Who episodes are discovered in Nigeria. Now thirty minutes of raw, unedited footage from Return of the Jedi have been recovered on LaserDisc! The footage is currently being cleaned up by Return of the Jedi Edit Droid and released in increments on Facebook. To most people, these clips are just your run-of-the-mill scrapped pieces of film ...

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Warwick Davis and Carrie Fisher Reenact Scene from Return of the Jedi

From a video taken at the Star Wars Celebration, Davis and Fisher reenact their “meeting scene” from Lucas’ Return of the Jedi. The scene captures the moment that the Ewok, Wicket stumbles upon the injured Princess Leia. What Is Star Wars Celebration? The ultimate fan experience focused on a galaxy far, far away… Star Wars Celebrations bring fans of all ...

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