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"Of Dice and Men" Movie Review

Its no secret I’m a gamer. I’m also a skeptic of representation (or rather lack thereof) of nerd culture in media. So I didn’t know how to feel about a movie about D&D players. I’ve seen all the D&D movies. Most are hilariously bad. And the Tom Hanks classic Mazes and Monsters was specifically produced to help vilify table-top role ...

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Of Dice and Men: "A Geek Movie Without the Self-loathing"

“A geek movie without the self-loathing” The full-length movie based on the play by Cameron McNary screened last weekend at GenCon and will run this weekend at DragonCon in Atlanta. The movie follows a group of people – who also happen to play D&D. And for once gaming and being a nerd isn’t the punch line. For updates and awesome ...

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