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Tolkien’s Magical Inventory

The mystical athelas herb, along with the talking troll purse, virtue-imbued staffs, enchanted barrow swords, and spiritually-infused lembas, are all unique examples of Tolkien’s wild creative genius.

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Harry Potter News: The Second Year at Hogwarts

The Second Year at Hogwarts For those who were interested in attending Hogwarts when I last reported on it but haven’t yet signed up, now is an even better time. This week, the Second Year of classes has started!  (Let’s hope there are no hidden Chambers waiting to be opened!) For Second Year, students must enroll in the seven required ...

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Hogwarts is Here, There, and Anywhere (with an Internet Connection)

Hogwarts is Here, There, and Anywhere (with an Internet Connection) by Robyn Stone-Kraft Truthfully, I’m cutting class to work on this. I’ve got exams this week, and I’m still a few weeks behind in several of my Hogwarts classes. Fortunately, I’m only a first year, so I have a lot of freedom to work on assignments at my own pace. ...

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Snape and The Marauders – A Harry Potter Fan Film

Makers of “The Greater Good” Want to Bring Marauders to Life in New Fan Film Los Angeles, CA – June 3, 2014 — Broad Strokes Productions, the creators of the Harry Potter fan film “The Greater Good,” were blown away by the success their film has seen in the five months since its release. Currently sitting at 1.2 million views, ...

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