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Prequel Pitfalls and a Philosophy of Filmmaking, Part II: Respect Your Elders

The first blog in this series looked at some of the inherent weaknesses in the prequel and origin story concepts, which have to fight an uphill battle for meaning when set against an endpoint which has been predetermined for them. Whatever has come before- a work famous enough to warrant a prequel follow-up- is clearly set in stone, and trying ...

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Hercules on Faith and Film: An Interview with Kevin Sorbo

WizardWorld held a media welcome event before their comic con in Raleigh, NC, where Kevin Sorbo took the time for an interview with Legendarium Media.     Legendarium: [We’ll] start out with a simple question— Kevin Sorbo: It’s too much for me, man. LM: How did you get started in acting? KS: You know, I was eleven, actually. I used ...

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Middle-Earth Menu: “Balin’s Spice Cookies”

In my original cookbook, I had a section entitled “Tea-Time.” This chapter consisted of five “sweeties” and five “savories;” I had envisioned it as a somewhat large and friendly dwarvish gathering at Bilbo Baggins’ house after all of his dragonish adventures. Now, you may recall at the beginning of The Hobbit, that Bilbo was rather annoyed with the pesky Gandalf: ...

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The Hobbit Research Project: An Interview with Ernest Mathijs

Peter Jackson’s cinematic interpretations of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings made millions at the box office worldwide. Tolkien fans stretch across the gl0be, but have you ever wondered what other cultures thought about the films? Recently, I contacted Ernest Mathijs to discuss the cross-cultural film critique called the Hobbit Research Project. Mathijs is a professor of Film Studies ...

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Star Wars Rebels: Season One Character Retrospective

Star Wars Rebels burst onto the scene on October 3rd, 2014 and has been going full throttle from the onset. As a life-long Star Wars fan, I wanted to take a minute to look back on central characters of Season One to discuss what worked and what did not. These are simply based on the authors own insights, but I ...

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Harrison Ford Injured in Plane Crash

Late Thursday afternoon, Harrison Ford’s plane went down over Penmar Golf Club in Venice, CA in his vintage World War II era training plane. The Los Angeles Fire Department reported him as alert and conscious, in fair to moderate condition, and taken to an area hospital for further treatment. Within minutes of the crash, there were multiple social media reports with ...

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