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April Nerd Block Unboxing

Talk about a turn around. Earlier this month, I did a review of my March Nerd Block Box. It was…well…okay. I loved some items and meanwhile tucked others away in a closet. NOT THIS MONTH. Yesterday the April Nerd Block plopped onto my porch. I was excited and curious to see what was in it. This time, I was not ...

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Prequel Pitfalls and a Philosophy of Filmmaking, Part II: Respect Your Elders

The first blog in this series looked at some of the inherent weaknesses in the prequel and origin story concepts, which have to fight an uphill battle for meaning when set against an endpoint which has been predetermined for them. Whatever has come before- a work famous enough to warrant a prequel follow-up- is clearly set in stone, and trying ...

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Doctor Who Review: Every Christmas is Last Christmas

Doctor Who Review: Every Christmas is Last Christmas- By James Wylder Every Christmas, shows all over TV try to tackle their Christmas episodes. Some go the shlock route, and make their episodes as gross or irreverent as possible, and some go sentimental and go so over the top in telling the audience the meaning of Christmas that there is a ...

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Star Wars Toys: From Childhood Memories to Photoshoot

One of my greatest memories as a kid were the original Star Wars films and especially the merchandise that followed. I couldn’t wait for the Sears Christmas Wish Book to arrive in the mail! I would quickly skip past all the clothing, boots, electronics until I reached the middle, where only the (Nerd) holy of holy items were kept… the ...

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From Guardians to the Dark Knight: The Art of Matt Ferguson

Matt Ferguson is a Graphic Designer and Artist from the UK. Matt is known for his work on Marvel’s Avengers Bluray collection and posters, as well for his creations in film and television which includes Hellboy and Star Trek. Check out more of his work on the Facebook page: Check out the gallery sample below!

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Doctor Who Extra: Behind the Scenes of “Kill The Moon” (S8E7)

This week, the Doctor and Clara (and a surprise temporary companion) made some rather interesting discoveries about our moon…  So interesting, in fact, that the episode centers around the question that the title hints at:  Should the Doctor and his companions actually kill the moon? If you have not already seen this week’s episode, make sure to catch up before watching ...

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Doctor Who Extra: Behind the Scenes of “The Caretaker” (S8E6)

Doctor Who Extra

Another week of Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor. Another glimpse at his considerable talent at playing a curmudgeonly grump, an aloof wanderer, a pompous know-it-all and a childish prankster all in the space of a single episode.  Even in the space of a single scene, it feels at times! “The Caretaker” really showcased the 12th Doctor’s humor as well as his ...

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