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Tolkien’s Magical Inventory

The mystical athelas herb, along with the talking troll purse, virtue-imbued staffs, enchanted barrow swords, and spiritually-infused lembas, are all unique examples of Tolkien’s wild creative genius.

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Heroic Tales and Hobbits

Heroic Tales and Hobbits by Clint Stevens In the first essay of Anatomy of Criticism, Northrop Frye presents five levels of representation found in literature: 1. The Hero is a divine being. His tale is what we call a myth. 2. The Hero is superhuman: “prodigies of courage and endurance, unnatural to us, are natural to him.” Typically this hero ...

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Leadership Lessons From Aragorn

What is Leadership?   Successful leaders are committed to “creating a world to which people want to belong”. Successful leadership involves managing relationships and communicating within a team to move towards a specific goal. Leadership is the ability to: “express a vision, influence others to achieve results, encourage team cooperation, and be an example.” – Aragorn was describes as, ...

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