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What about me? I'm a fan of Star Wars, Ghostbusters, The Lord of the Rings (books and movies equally), and a lot more. For video games I play Nintendo (3DS and Wii U) and Ghostbusters for Xbox 360 (are there any other games that are any good?). I'm married, and my wife and I currently have guinea pigs as pets.

I've also created communities much like this one., and a few others.
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  • I'm am Ross.  I've been a part of the Random Fandom fun and just enjoy chatting with others and being silly.  I have a large sci-fi, fantasy, mystery love.
  • Thomas Sanjurjo
    32 yo Male; Brandon, Florida
    Tabletop gaming experience: 17 years
    Writing: wannabe (novice, participating in NaNoWriMo this year.)
    3D artist: 3 years
    Generalist geek: lifetime.

    (Is there signature functionality yet, I haven't looked around enough.)
    Google Plus
  • Hi Thomas!  Thanks for checking in.

    The signature feature isn't "In" yet, but it will be soon (we may be making it something that only members of a certain "level" can use, to promote commentary and to make sure we avoid any spammers with unsavory sigs)
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  • Hello Thomas! Welcome!

    Yeah... we've not yet implemented the signature feature. This forum software seems to have a similar method to Wordpress. They give you what you need to start a community, and you add the features you want with plugins and the like. This approach allows us to have what we need without an extra kitchen sink that we'll never use. (In much the same way that Drupal gives you a ton of features that Wordpress does not.)
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  • It's me JohnGee, howdy!
  • Hello! I'm "kenobi1985". I'm an avid fan fiction reader and writer with a great love for the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, among many others.
  • Hi everyone, I'm Herweirdness / Sasha / Xendria and I'll be coming along on this Legendarium ride. I was a MyMiddleEarth lurker, heckler but mostly a Random Fandom stalker (just ask Vikes, GB or Roz ^.^). I'm a 9-5er, p/t student, I love Warcraft, I'm working on my first novel, I watch tons of movies, and I'm a Twitter addict. I don't consider myself single but I mean really I never have, it's just how much I'm loved by everyone. I don't have children because I am one and trying to take care of me is hard enough. I don't like cooking it's messy, you have to do dishes afterward, you have to brush your teeth and depending on what you cooked your home smells funny. I used to be a dog person but now I lean more toward cats because they're self cleaning and won't sniff your butt. When I was 5 I did this play where ... just kidding. great to meet you all and I look forward to our future adventures! *hug*
  • Welcome to the community, Sasha! It's nice to meet you!
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  • Hello, I'm Kiralynn from the Landroval server on "The Lord of the Rings Online".
    I host in-game social events for the Lonely Mountain Band and Windy Acres Ranch.
    I hope to see you online and look forward to chatting with you in the forums.
  • Hopped over here to Legendarium after reading about MME closing. Former LOTRO player on Elendilmir, used to write for LOTRO Players and have participated in various other web projects for games. 

    Currently playing Elder Scrolls Online and relaunching my personal gaming blog as well as possibly relaunching in a different format. 
  • Hey everyone!
    My name is Kylie Leane, and I'm an Aussie...figured I should say that, you know, otherwise some people may never know...
    I'm an author and illustrator of fantasy and sci-fi. I was a MM-e folk, and now I can lurk around here like Sasha (hi Sasha!) :D -- when I am not being insanely busy doing about five billion things all at once. I am madly in love with all things Anime, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek and space in general...and Lord of the Rings - oh - and I should mention my love of little green aliens. ^^ 
  • Hey everyone, my name is Tyler Michael Jonsson, sometimes known as "The American Gollum" (those who know me will get that reference)

    I am one of the Co-Founders of Legendarium Media and serve as the 'Director of Audio Programming & Community Engagement' - I also happen to be a stage, screen and voice-over Actor and the father to two amazing little girls (and very soon a third baby!).

    My wife and I are both huge fantasy geeks, and we enjoy a great many film, tv and novel series.  In fact, we tend to name our children after our favorite characters!  I'm sure they will thank us for that later...

    I'm incredibly thankful to be here with you all and to have so many friends from the past several years already here posting and interacting.  

    Looking forward to the journey, my friends :)
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  • ...but mostly a Random Fandom stalker (just ask Vikes, GB or Roz ^.^). ...

    It's true.  But we love you for it.  It's how you know you made it to the big times.  :)

  • Hey folks, Knowfere/Nevanna migrating from MeN. Not really into much Sci-Fi, but I live in Fantasy, and most especially Tolkien. I admit, I was very saddened about MeN sailing to the west because for a long time it was my "Fantasy Facebook" but when I started really thinking about it, the last year or so there for me had dwindled and so therefore, I am now excited and full of antipation about what will I see next from all you creative ones :)
  • Tinidril/Diamond here. Good to see the friends I've made are here! I'm not quite sure what I'll do for my main art blog... maybe use deviantART, or maybe resurrect my Blogspot site... or just stick with my FB page. Or use all three!

    You can also find me in LOTRO, I'm the director for the oldest cross-kinship music society, Eriador Music Society on both Elendilmir (Wednesday concert at 11:00 pm server time in Bree) and Landroval (Thursday concert at 10:30 pm server time in Michel Delving).

  • Hi everyone---I'm the strange person who constantly posts recipes on Legendarium. Like your average hobbit, I care WAY too much about food and drink...but other than that, I love many Sci-Fi and Fantasy realms (perhaps too many). Tolkien, Lewis, all Star things (Trek and Wars), Whedon, GoT (TV only so far) are only the tip of the iceberg for me. I'm everywhere on social media; just consult my bio on the news team here if you need that sort of stuff. ~O)
  • Mae govannen.

    On MMe I went by the handle "fionnuala" I name I am in the habit of using in every MMO I have played since I first tried out WoW many years ago. I have been known as Fionnuala in LOTRO playing on Landroval server and I am currently playing ArcheAge as Fionnuala on Ezi server.

    I am a huge fantasy geek with a healthy helping of sci fi as well, but mostly fantasy. I am also a self proclaimed Tolkien fanatic and purist. DON'T talk to me about the movies unless you really want a treatise (screed) on the many evils of Peter Jackson aka Morgoth.

    I am also an aspiring fantasy writer. Tolkien is obviously a huge influence, but more in worldview pertaining to fantasy than in content. I'm not a big fan of the Norse and Germanic myths that he drew from. The myths that fascinate me tend to come from Celtic, Finnish (the only one Tolkien and I share), Egyptian, Greek, Sumerian/Akkadian, Indian and Japanese sources. However, I love mythology as much as he and I am dedicated to worldbuilding and mythopoeia.

    I have a blog pertaining to my writing and worldbuilding and other fantasy interests here:
  • Late-comer as always but I'm victorialadybug, a big Tolkien fan. Also I love history, fantasy, science fiction and mysteries. I also write fantasy and scifi.
    here's my website:
  • Hi everyone. I've gone by a few names on the internet in the past, but it's just simpler to refer to me by my actual name, Ian. I've been around with this group of people from Middle-earth Network (and now Legendarium) off and on in various stages of engagement since 2010. Some of you might recognize or remember me.

    I'm an avid lover of Tolkien's writings and enjoy fantasy and sci-fi in general, as well as mythology. I enjoy playing the piano, stage acting, aaaand... erm (smooth, silky segue), history. I'm also a huger gamer. I love me some table-top RPGs, but I play a tonne of video games of all different kinds. I love talking about games, thinking about them, studying their mechanics, critiquing them, and so on (thinking and critiquing are a big part of my enjoyment since I don't like simply saying I "like" or "dislike" something. What, why, and how are important to me, and I want to see the medium grow). I've actually started designing my own game, but that project has been put on hold for various reasons (one of them being I'm not much of a programmer). I've actually been trying to put together a game design philosophy podcast with a couple of people, but it's been stuck in development for the past year. Hopefully we'll get out of that rut soon.

    I'm not much of a forum goer these days since writing takes a lot of time and energy on my part, even though I'd love to write more frequently than I do. But I didn't really want to say goodbye to any of the people that I met from M-eN, and that's a big reason why I decided to sign up here.

    I moved my MM-e blog over to WordPress recently, and hopefully plan to do more with that, so if any of the things I rambled about here sound appealing to you then, yeah, more of the same there. I'm also given to silly tweets or impassioned geek rants on Twitter--of all places.

    So yeah, I dunno. Have a thing?

    I... suppose I could share our podcast website, for those who might be interested? But there's nothing really there right now, and the site is only partially finished (as of this writing), but I'm technically supposed to be raising awareness, so... there's that. It's called "" because we "discuss game design from the comforts of our armchairs," as opposed to the poor folks actually slaving away at their computers.
  • Lilikate Buggins here! Hullo - Most noted as a creature spotting Hobbit from LOTRO. Still have not decided what to do with my MEN blog... It needs a new home. Looking forward to continuing the adventure with you all here :)
  • Greetings all! As many know, I tend to go by Viking or theviking. I'm a Catholic father of five little viklets and a fan of various nerd-doms such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Supernatural, Dr. Who and pretty much anything comic book related (with a preference for DC).
    It is great to see so many great people from Middle Earth Network making the jump over here. I looks forward to getting back to some great conversations and seeing some of the great things you all create over here!
  • Sallamaka al-lahu wa-nasaraka! Ok, so the greetings in Fremen are limited but this phrase translates to "May God protect you, and grant you victory." As many of you are already aware I am a very big Dune fan. In all honesty I'm not much of a science fiction person but Dune has been very important to me these last five years. I've read a lot of fantasy and some of my favorites are anything having to do with J.R.R. Tolkiens Middle-Earth, GOT, Sword of Truth, Deryni, Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever and so on.

    I play the mandolin and have been focused on creating fan music for Dune. Although my main interest in music is traditional country, bluegrass, folk. I'm also an aspiring writer with many works in mind already and I've recently started practicing the art of German Longsword.

    I have been in the process of creating a new home for my Dune blog, Bridge of Hrethigr, which is focused on sharing anything Dune. Old news, new news, fan work, official work, videos, audio, etc. I've been in the works of making my own content using my mandolin, photoshop and my experience from being on my high school's speech team. I also have a Facebook and Twitter feed for it and a Youtube channel which just reached 100 subscribers today.

    I was apart of the MMEN since year two and there are many great memories from then but I am really excited to start this new adventure. I hope there are many more great memories to come and many more people to meet.
  • Greetings, friends, and well met. LC Applewood here. I found ME from nearly the beginning of it all, and I am excited to be experience this renewal of the spirit of Middle Earth at Legendarium (awesome name, btw). It seems as if I never have enough time to catch up on the community happenings, but this move has me exploring new worlds, which is my favorite thing. I am very happy to see you all again, and to meet new friends.
  • Hello all,

    I'm Direwolf_Snow and as you can guess by my user handle, I am a huge ASoIaF fan! I've been a fan of fantasy and Sci-Fi since I was young. I got into fantasy literature when was about 6 or 7 when my parents gave me The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I read through that book in a couple of days and went to the library to find Prince Caspian and Voyage of the Dawn Treader after that! I also watched the animated Hobbit and LotR movies on VHS to the point where I actually wore them out.

    I'm very happy to join a community of fellow F/SF fans and I hope to get to know all of you!
  • Welcome to the community! Glad to have you aboard! (I am the one that got engaged to my now wife on the Dawn Treader.)
    Muppet of a Man, and Ghostbuster
  • Very nice! I am a huge fan of nerdy awesome dating /engagement stories.

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