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Warcraft Movie Details Announced

So, I am not a WoW player (at all) - my loyalty is with EverQuest (you know, the ORIGINAL)

But, this stuff looks pretty cool regardless.

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  • I had a brief romance with Evercrack but the graphics didn't flow with me so I didn't stay with it. I jumped into WoW during a time when I had a ton of time on my hands and it swallowed me up. I once asked myself about the things I would regret the day I die and I know in my soul Warcraft will never be one of them. Being an avid player (used to be hardcore) I've wanted a movie for so long I'm both looking forward to and dreading the coming of this one. My reaction to this is the same one I had when the Fellowship of the Ring came out, " To all that is good and just in this world ... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let them screw this up for me and make them listen to Metzen!" :)
  • Regardless of the fact they moved the release date to June 2016 I'm still looking forward to this movie. Being the Warcraft fan that I am it's going to be a momentous event for me. I read all the books, collect all the comics and have my Alliance swag at the ready for any cons that need to be attended. I got mean mugged by a Hordie in the mall once and I laughed so hard! I pointed at him and said, "you're SO kewt!" Yes... Paladins rule! :D
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