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I figured since I started a discussion on Jodorowsky's Dune I might as well start a discussion on Dune in general. Post your opinions on anything Dune.


  • Do you have any advice on getting into Dune? I've tried listening to the audio book, but couldn't get past the first part on spices and all of that. I know that with books like The Lord of the Rings, you just read until you get out of the Shire and that's where the story has you in its' grip. Is there a similar spot in Dune?
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  • Yes after the family gets to Arrakis things start to happen.
  • For me Dune was interesting starting at the first page but I think for many people it doesn't start until 1/3 of the way through, about the time when Paul fights Jamis.
  • Agreed Beror for me it was start to finish!
  • Did any of you listen to Corey Olsen's discussion on Dune? (Mythgard Academy).. Very interesting
  • I had intended to but, unfortunately, never got around to it. School started and it's been keeping me busy.
  • It's on iTunes... Can be listened to later
  • Yeah I actually just started downloading it. Talking about recordings I just remembered I ran across a few audio files with about 10 hours of audio, there all Frank Herbert readings, interviews and lectures. I've been editing the files quality for my own purpose but since there is no clear rights to them I'm going to stay away from posting them to youtube, for now. Most of them are hard to hear but here's the link:
  • I love how Corey Olsen really examines all aspects of story if he's talking about any particular story. I've been a fan of Herbert's work for many years and I still learn more after listening to his ideas and examinations. minute details become clearer.
  • I have been in a very analytical mood lately and I seen a few things that I haven't realized before. Now maybe Corey goes over some of these in the class, I haven't gotten very far in listening to it but I guess that makes it all the better since I can say I myself caught these things.

    Anyways, first off Muad'Dib, now correct me if Im wrong but in the 84 movie Paul says "my name is a killing word," mind you its been a while since I've read Dune but I believe he says something similar in the book. Well looking at it Muad'Dib is literally what killed Paul, the figure of Muad'Dib and what it stood for after his Jihad is what drove him to his death.

    Second, Salusa Secundus is latin for second salvation. S. S. was the Capital of the Imperium until it was nuked by a rogue family and the capital is then moved to Kaitain. What makes the name for the planet relevant is that it basically gave the Corrino's a second chance, it was their second salvation.

    Third and lastly, I see a parallel between Emperor Shaddam and Henry VIII. To begin my explanation lets look at specific house colors. The Harkonnens sigil contains orange and the Atreides sigil contains green. Now already recognizing the Orange Catholic bible as an obvious mix between the Protestant and Catholic religions we can see a possible reference of the divided Northern and Southern Ireland. I know maybe it's a stereotype but we can often see the Protestants as the more radical type which we see in the Baron and the Atreides are more traditional similar to the Catholics ( although that's debatable right now). Back to my original point the Emperor uses the Harkonnens as a scapegoat to oppose the Atreides similar to how Henry created the Protestants to oppose the Catholic church.

    Again probably something people have already noticed and some are quite obvious so I would be surprised if a lot haven't but I've only really just started to deeply analyze the book since I first read it five years ago in eighth grade.
  • I've forgotten I had this but for those of you who have an interest in card games, there is a PC gaming platform specifically for card games called OCTGN. The Dune CCG is on there though there are specific means in which to get it first before you are able to play it. I've tried learning to play, however, I best learn by watching others and there are no videos that I can watch to learn. I do have have a PDF with the games rules and a few of the standard decks, so if any of you want to learn I can help you by getting the materials but thats about it. The platform has all the cards from the game downloaded so you could build your own custom decks. Links below are for downloading the platform and the steps for getting the Dune CCG.

    Dune CCG Steps:
  • OCTGN is such a great platform for CCG gamers who don't necessarily have a local group. I love it.
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  • I just wish I had more of a use for it. I am not really a CCG gamer, I dabbled in Magic but thats about it. For now I'm using it to learn to play Dune but it will be a while before I'm even anywhere close to being any good at it. Of course, Dune is considered one of the harder CCGs, of its time period at any rate.
  • Here are few links to where I get my info on Dune outside the books. The first five are great for collectors of pretty much anything Dune. Next five are online games, well at least one of them can really be considered a game, one of the links are for the same game just a different platform. The there is the Dune Saga Podcast site and the last two are Youtube links to DuneInfo's channel and my channel, Bridge of Hrethgir. I've been focusing on my Youtube channel a lot more since MMEN went down until I can find a place to start anew with Bridge of Hrethgir. I also have a couple PDF's I would like to share but since I don't have links to them anymore and a few of them I made myself so they don't have links.
  • I thought I'd just place this gem here.
    imageCalvin and Muad'Dib is a mashup of Calvin and Hobbes and. . . well, Dune.
  • "Bless the Maker and His water" - In memory of Frank Herbert, who passed away 29 years ago on February 11, 1986 in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.
  • I brought back the blog for BoH! My first post is more of serious one, about my view of the current state of the Dune community.
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  • My bestie has been ON ME about reading this again (it's been years). He's all over this. I'll pick up the book again on Friday and re read it. I'll post as I go along. :)
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