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Book or Movie First?

I have read books before seeing the movie version a number of times. But I've also seen the movie first, and then read the book. There are times when I found the book to be a disappointment, but I've yet to be disappointed with a movie version of a book that I've read. (I'm more forgiving than most, knowing what I know about the difficulty of making a movie, as well as how book writing structure differs from screen writing.)

Personally, I think it's safer to watch a movie first for most. It often doesn't take near as long, and if you like the movie, you might (might...) like the book. If you don't like the movie, you could still like the book, but you may have just saved yourself hours and hours of reading, depending on how fast you read.
Book or Movie First
  1. Do you read the book first, or watch the movie first?2 votes
    1. Read the Book
    2. Watch the Movie
Muppet of a Man, and Ghostbuster
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