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Comic Con Scavenger Hunt

Let's come up with a list of things to look for at your nearest Comic Con.

For instance:
1) Person cosplaying as character from X.
2) Person getting compliments on a costume that isn't cosplaying.
3) Person cosplaying that looks like the genuine article (the character could have been designed based on them).
4) Person cosplaying as a character they should never be trying to cosplay.
5) Person that makes you wonder how they got past the entrance.
6) Person taking a picture of a cosplayer that is actually kind of creepy.
7) A guy getting a picture with a female cosplayer, with his hand hovering over her shoulder (i.e. hover hand, never touching the girl for the photo).

Muppet of a Man, and Ghostbuster


  • HEY this is an awesome! Okay my adds would be:
    8) The "WTH did I just walk into" person.
    9) Best game cosplayer.
    10) The wristband shot.
    11) The sneak selfie of your favorite guest attendee.
    12) Favorite artists table.

    I think that's my list for now. :)
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