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Free Comic Book Day is Saturday May 2nd, 2015!

Who else is going?
I'm not a comic expert but I do have my favorites and I go to this every year. It's a family outing so I bring my nephews, nieces, friends and coworkers. I go hunting for favorites, chill out with my local 501st chapter and pick up a Pop! toy while I'm there. My nephew calls me Auntie Sheldon because I don't take my Pops out of the box. I'm SO looking forward to this!


  • I went. I got a few comics, and so did my wife. It's one of my favorite days. I also gave my local comic shop some artwork that I had sitting around in my basement for about 8 or 9 years. The shop is only about a year or two old, helping to revitalize our downtown, and I knew they would appreciate it. They sure did!
    Muppet of a Man, and Ghostbuster
  • It was alot of fun! I went to my favorite shop in North Van called Big Pete's Comics. I picked up a five comics, a few Funko Pops, a Tshirt, and two Aliens pieces by John Gallagher. I went hunting for Thor stuff but everything there was something I already had so I got to browse. The local chapter of the 501st were there, there was a costume contest, most of my friends showed up and someone brought cookies. It was SO busy! My favorite item of the bunch was probably my Aliens print. John G is a local artist who's work is just incredible. I buy up his Thor stuff whenever he does it and he's one of the most solid and grounded people I know.
    If you're curious his site is: :)
  • That's awesome. I'm a big fan of Free Comic Book Day! :-)
    Muppet of a Man, and Ghostbuster
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