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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Just recently I purchased "The Elder Scrolls Anthology" and began playing once again my favorite Elder Scrolls game, Morrowind. My second adventure in Vvardenfell has been a trip of nostalgia, fighting daedroth, flinging spells, looking for all the artifacts and easter eggs. Even with all its bugs, odd looking bow legged Argonians and Khajits, and the tedious combat system, it is truly an adventure with playing.

In Tamriel there is hardly ever one prophesied hero. So, come, tell your tale. What were your habits, your favorite weapons, spells, race. What is it that you liked or hated about the game.


  • Since I've been playing Morrowind again and my obsession with Dune has been a driving factor in my life for the last five years, Ive noticed similarities between the two. Now I know it could just be coincidence but Bethesda has been known for its easter eggs, though this would be taking it farther than that. Some of the similarities I have come across include:

    Political intrigue: Three key houses that are involved in smuggling and assassination plots.
    Religious intrigue: How the Tribunal and Bene Gesserit involve themselves with religion
    Prophesied outsider: Very much like Paul in Dune you come from outside of Vvardenfell and are a stranger to everyone and yet your the prophesied messianic figure.
    Barren wasteland:
    Large animals: Silt striders are used as transportation much like the sandworms in Dune
    native people: ashlanders are very similar to the fremen
    outside groups: Empire is like the spacing guild and not very important in much of the story, Mages would be mentats, fighters guild are swordmasters, dwemer could be seen as the tleilaxu as well as the telvanni.
    Two moons
    drugs: moon sugar though it doesn't have similar properties to that of spice is sold by a species native to a desert/jungle land which could also reference the later change of Arrakis
    Sleeper quote: The quote from the 84 movie is obvious enough as it is referenced throughout the game by members of the Sixth house.

    What do you think could I be imagining this or could this actually be a thing?
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