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Serious Conversation: Nerd Bullies

Here's a serious discussion that I would like to see some good commentary about.

I would say that most of the time nerds are picked on for not being part of the "cool" crowd. The "cool" kids have a tendency to be into sports and various pursuits that are considered socially acceptable. Anyone that's on the outside of this circle is considered to be a "nerd" of some kind.

And there are many kinds of nerds that are into many different types of things. People tend to think that the word "nerd" has one definition, but I submit that it does not. There are comic nerds, science nerds, etc. (Side note: sports 'fans' could be deemed sports 'nerds' as the tables continue to turn.)

Here's the deal: because there are so many different kinds of nerds, who have all been picked on at one time or another for whatever it is they are into... what gives another nerd the right to ever criticize another's enjoyment of a fandom?

I don't believe it's ever appropriate to make fun of someone for enjoying something. They like it for a reason. Probably reasons that you will never know, just as you like what you do.

For instance: the eternal battle of Star Wars vs Star Trek, and the fans thereof.

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  • The ones that irk me the most are the "Books vs. Movie" debates.

    Do I have opinions in some instances? Sure. But to say that a person is a lesser or undeserving fan because they prefer one or the other drives me crazy.

    It happens all too often. The Tolkien community is particularly bad in this regard (Sorry everyone, it has to be said)
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  • Yeah... book vs movie debates take all of the fun out of the movie and... I'll say it... the book. I've always found the most pretentious thing that can be said of any movie that is based on a book is "the book was better."
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  • Let's face it, the book is almost invariably better to each individual because there is rarely a movie that can compare with the theater of the mind as it's read. But, when a movie is able to both carry off the expected (or at least acceptable) visual and the emotional impact of a scene, the result is glorious! That was my experience with Fellowship of the Ring by Jackson. That I didn't get to see Tom Bombadil and the Barrow Downs, or that the time-line was obviously condensed were nothing compared to the first scene with a Black Rider, or the first sight of Rivendell, or the halls of Moria, or the death of Boromir, or anything with Gandalf in it.... When you start with a really good book, the best a movie can do is "different, but captures the essence".
  • I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic of the thread, with nerds or fans of nerdy topics being ostracized by other nerds that may like other topics.

    I enjoy a good book vs. movie debate, but perhaps another thread on the topic? No offense intended.
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    I had an encounter with an Alpha-Nerd last week at a comic book store here in Van. I didn't realize the Thor comic i was holding was the last one on the shelf and he was waiting for me to either buy it or put it down. Any way he made a few remarks about my being a wanna-be and I let him experience my outdoor voiced inner tomboy temper. I may come off as happy-go-lucky, serene, and shy but buddy was crying for the staff by the time I was done.
    I've never been able to pander to the "cool" kids, but I also have come to understand that society puts a stamp of approval on their behavior. The way I evaluate a situation is by how much energy I feel like throwing out there. Most times an infraction against me isn't significant enough to warrant my "flash of red" so I use my "You're such a cute little idiot" smile and go back to whatever I was doing.
    It does make me nuts to see older people doing it just to "win over" whatever group of bystanders there are. I'm not quiet about it either. When I see something happening I'll say, "Judgmental much?" "Stop it, you poser!" or "Did you get lost on your way to Abercrombie and Fitch?"
    I find nerd vs nerd is just for show most days. Those people aren't comfortable enough with themselves or their opinions to realize that there's room for another fans point of view. I find myself reminding inner me, "it's not about me, they're just hooped."
    Also, I've started doing something with my friends and family when we go to cons. It's a contest to see who can get a snap of the worst con-fail, the winner gets $20.00 or dinner whichever. I won the our last one with a pic of a woman glaring down a Harley Quinn cosplayer. I even said while laughing, "I'm pretty sure you just won me 20.00 bux for your hate face!" I made sure she saw me shaking my head at her while walking away, I mean really, what were you expecting lady?
  • (Split off my answer into a new topic.)
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