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Is Rey a Superhero?

  For the most part, audiences fell in love with Rey in The Force Awakens. Daisy Ridley brought an irrepressible charm and energy to the role. Over the holidays, people were frustrated by the lack of Rey merchandising available in stores. But there have been questions about her development as a character. For example, screenwriter Max Landis calls Rey too ...

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Adding “The Force Awakens” to the Star Wars Ring

The Force Awakens is clearly soaked in nostalgia, to the point where some critics allege that it’s little more than a copy of the original Star Wars film. I addressed this claim in my last post. The film isn’t just a remake, reboot, or “requel” of A New Hope. The film mirrors the past, but often does so in new ...

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Rebooted Conspiracies: Review of the X-Files Revival So Far

  After a fourteen-year hiatus, “The X-Files” have been reopened for a special six-episode event on Fox, kicking off with a two-night special premier. Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are back investigating paranormal phenomena for the FBI, only this time their cases are more clandestine than before—the Files themselves are missing, and their assignments are ...

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First Impressions: The Force Awakens – SPOILER FREE

First Impressions: The Force Awakens (*Spoiler-Free*) by Dom Nardi I finally had a chance to see The Force Awakens! This review is intended to minimize the risk of spoilers for readers who have not had a chance to see the film yet. Later next week, I will write a more detailed review with spoilers to discuss some important moments in ...

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Legendarium RECAP: Supernatural, Arrow and The Originals

Legendarium RECAP: Supernatural, Arrow and The Originals by Diane Riggins Supernatural This episode was about the Impala better known as Baby. Sam and Dean discover a new monster. The monster is a cross between a Ghoul and vampire. Young John Winchester makes an appearance and visits Sam in a dream. Is it really John or someone using him as a ...

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