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The "Pulp-O-Mizer" – Pulp Magazine Cover Generator

The Pulp – O-Mizer was created by artist Bradley W. Schenck, the Pulp-O-Mizer is a fun generator that allows you to create your own covers with the classic “pulp” theme. Unfortunately at this time, you are not able to upload your own images and logos. From the website: “The Pulp-O-Mizer was conceived and created – from its images to its ...

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Iron Man 3: Super Bowl Teaser Planned!

A report of various movie trailers being planned for the Super Bowl was first reported by SuperHeroHype.Com, now reports that a 60 second teaser clip of the upcoming Iron Man 3 will also be aired!

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"The Force" Behind the Next Star Wars Movie: J.J. Abrams Confirmed to Direct

The much debated topic of “who will direct the next Star Wars movie” is now over… TheWrap.Com was first to report that the Director of Disney’s first installment to the Star Wars franchise will be J.J. Abrams! When it was announced that Lucas had sold his renowned space epic to Disney, fans around the globe voiced their rage over the ...

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Thoughts on the coming Justice League Movie

Ever since Warner Bros. announced their plans to release a Justice League movie in 2015, the internet has been on fire with rumors and opinions as to the storyline, which characters would be involved, the timing and whether or not it can compare with the shared universe that the fine folks at Marvel Studios have bestowed upon the world.  As ...

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Greater Good Review

Greeting friends! Today, we’ll be sitting back to take a look at the most recent offering from Grail Quest Books, Greater Good by Nathan P. Butler. You may remember Mr. Butler from my reviews of his contributions to the Warsseries of books, also published by Grail Quest. In those books, Butler impressed with his ability to develop meaningful characters with ...

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