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Synopsis of The Originals and Grimm

By Diane Riggins The Originals This week’s episode was intriguing. Elijah’s sired line is still intact while Klaus’ sired line has been severed. Vampires are coming after Klaus from all parts of the world. Cortez is one of those vampires. He forces Vincent to help him. Hayley is getting revenge for Jackson’s death by killing the Strix vampires one by ...

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INTERVIEW: “AFK” Web Series Creator Peter Haynes

Ever wonder what it would be like to be trapped in your character’s body in your favorite online RPG? With AFK the web series you can find out. The series follows several players who get trapped in their characters’ bodies inside their favorite RPG.  It’s very entertaining. I became a fan myself when I watched the pilot. I look forward ...

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Once Upon a Time is Going the Distance

Once Upon a Time is Going the Distance By David Glenn Once Upon a Time has added a whole collection of fairy tale characters over the years, and has developed a mythology around the characters we know. Speaking of mythology, there has been references to such legends over the show. From the appearance of Poseidon and Medusa to references to ...

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SDCC Report: Shannara TV series could be the next Game of Thrones

Shannara TV series could be the next Game of Thrones By David Glenn The long wait is over. At Comic Con in San Diego the first trailer for the TV show of The Shannara Chronicles has been shown, and it really has potential. Following the plot of the second book written, The Elfstones of Shannara, the story follows the adventures ...

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Once Upon a Time Reveals The Dark Swan

Once Upon a Time reveals The Dark Swan By David Glenn Just when you think things are smooth sailing on Once Upon a Time an unexpected wave capsizes the boat. The finale of season four has proven that to be true, with the darkness taking the Savior Emma Swan as it’s new host. Today on the EW the Savior’s new ...

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