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A "Man of Steel" Review by Michelle Lawhorn

A “Man of Steel” Review by Michelle Lawhorn I am not a Superman fan. In the slightest. Never have been. At all. That said, I do enjoy Zack Snyder’s films, as over the top and flashy as they are (yes, I even loved Sucker Punch). I went into Man of Steel hoping that my affection for Snyder’s style would turn ...

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LIVE Tonight on Legendarium: Arkham Knights Cosplay Team – with CONTEST!

Join us on Legendarium.Me for a LIVE interview with the Arkham Knights – Batman & Robin, COSPLAY team TONIGHT at 9 pm (EST)! We will discuss their incredible costumes, the cosplay scene, and the help and charity work they have done using their cosplay persona. At the end of the discussion, we will be giving away a copy of the ...

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Legends of the Knight – A Batman Documentary

This heartwarming film from producer/director Brett Culp will document 48 interviews with real life people that discuss their stories on how Batman has inspired them. The film visits many from around the country including Batman writer, Denny O’Neil. A trailer was released for the documentary in order to help raise funding to finish the project. Their Kickstarter can be found ...

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Thoughts on the coming Justice League Movie

Ever since Warner Bros. announced their plans to release a Justice League movie in 2015, the internet has been on fire with rumors and opinions as to the storyline, which characters would be involved, the timing and whether or not it can compare with the shared universe that the fine folks at Marvel Studios have bestowed upon the world.  As ...

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