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Greisinger Museum Opening Ceremony (Part 1)

Adventures make one late for dinner among other things, but I trust that I am not too late in writing this report, for many aspects of this particular adventure had to end before I could begin.  Originally I was going to live broadcast video from the opening.  Alas; amid the bustle of party planning, we had a hard time getting ...

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An Expected Journey to the Greisinger Museum

  We’re excited to announce that our very own Co-Founder of Legendarium Media, John Di Bartolo, will be attending the grand opening celebrations of the Greisinger Museum. John will be providing live and up to the minute coverage of the this long expected party. The Greisinger Museum is located in eastern Switzerland, precisely in Jenins, one of the municipalities in the ...

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Searching for Gimli

My search for John Rhys-Davies began two months ago with several emails to his publicist. Failing to receive a response to my requests for an interview, I began to think that this interview would never happen. I was a little discouraged. Then I received a ray of light in the mail. What I received in the mail was the program ...

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