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Convention Reports

The Talking Dead: Exclusive Interviews with Barbara and Johnny from Game-Changing Zombie Classic “Night of the Living Dead”

    Two of the cast members from “Night of the Living Dead” attended the “Mad Monster Party 2017” event. Judith O’Dea, who played the role of Barbara and will reprise that role in the upcoming “Night of the Living Dead: Genesis,” draws her fans into relaxed conversation with her winsome smile and polished speech. Russ Streiner, who both produced ...

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Hitchhiking to Arrakis: Exclusive Interview with Hollywood Effects Designer Bill Bryan

  With his grandfatherly beard and relaxed disposition, Bill Bryan could be anyone you’d meet on a park bench. But you wouldn’t imagine that he’s the designer of effects for some well-known movies such as “The Village,” worked as the puppeteer behind the killer doll Chucky in “Child’s Play,” and wore the suit of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in “Ghostbusters.” ...

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Actress Pat Priest Remembers “The Munsters,” Elvis in Exclusive Interview During Final Convention Tour

  It may seem ironic that the niece in a family of monsters oozes class. Pat Priest, whose most famous film credit is Marilyn Munster in the classic family sitcom “The Munsters,” has her own modest explanation: “Do you know a lot of that comes with age? It’s called ‘mellowing out.'” The polished, lady-like actress worked prolifically for television for over ten years in ...

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Billy Dee Williams Engages Fans at Mad Monster Con 2017

Billy Dee Williams turns 80 years old this week, but don’t let the cane fool you—he’s still the king of smooth. A couple of weeks ago, he sat under a tent in Rock Hill, SC to answer fan questions at Mad Monster Party 2017. From “Threepenny Opera” to Space Opera Williams’ entrance into the performing arts arena is as unique ...

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Rob-Con 2015: An Affordable Convention With Lots to Offer, August 1-2nd

Looking for an affordable convention with lots to offer? Check out Rob-Con in Bristol VA/TN! This weekend, convention guests can peruse many interesting booths featuring comic books, action figures, and franchise collectibles all while meeting artists, actors, and writers. The Con is named after the owner of Mountain Empire Comics Robert Pilk. Pilk, along with his business partner John Stone, started ...

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A “Brave” New Character for Once Upon a Time

A “Brave” New Character for Once Upon a Time By David Glenn Comic-Con always seems to be the place to get the news for your favorite movies and television shows. Once Upon a Time has revealed some footage for a bonus feature for the DVD of season four, which introduced characters from Arendelle as well as Cruella and the Author. ...

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SDCC Report: Shannara TV series could be the next Game of Thrones

Shannara TV series could be the next Game of Thrones By David Glenn The long wait is over. At Comic Con in San Diego the first trailer for the TV show of The Shannara Chronicles has been shown, and it really has potential. Following the plot of the second book written, The Elfstones of Shannara, the story follows the adventures ...

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First Photo of Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters has been revealed!

Paul Feig's Ghostbusters

Here is the first photo of the ladies in grey.. the all women team of Ghostbusters. They’re sporting their new Proton Packs, standing in front of the new Ecto-1, and ready to bust some ghosts. We have yet to see the trap, but that should be coming in short order.   Left to right are Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig ...

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Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 Recap

If you’ve never been to Star Wars Celebration before, let me be the first to tell you that you absolutely must go at least once in your life. For Star Wars fans, it’s like a giant family reunion no matter how you look at it! By the end of preview night, it already felt like that for me. Some people ...

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