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“Gotham” to Premier at Comic-Con and More!

“Gotham” to Premier at Comic-Con and More! by A.D. Poole On Monday, June 30, 2014, DC Comics and Comic-Con revealed that DC and Warner Brothers will partner for a special WBTV/DC Entertainment Saturday Night, featuring the World Premier of Gotham on July 26 at Comic-Con 2014. In addition to the premier pilot episode of Gotham, Comic-Con goers will be treated ...

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"Bombur's Pork-Pie"

“Bombur’s Pork-Pie” by Astrid Tuttle Winegar Poor Bombur. All he gets is abuse for his physical condition, even from LOTR characters such as Boromir who never interacted with him in Middle-earth. It’s a shame. I suppose I would say he is one of my favorite dwarves merely because of his appetite and his oh-so-apparent love for food and drink. He ...

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"Bag-End Biscuits": A Hobbit’s Recipe

“Bag-End Biscuits”: A Hobbit’s Recipe by Astrid Tuttle Winegar I’m going to picture one of our favorite hobbits, Mr. Bilbo Baggins, reading his “morning letters.” He’s about to enjoy his day (his less noisy and more green day) when this incredibly annoying wizard intrudes, whose only mission seems to be destroying Bilbo’s cozy, complacent world. After this encounter, I imagine ...

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Game of Thrones Shocks Again!

Game of Thrones Shocks Again by Andrea R. Cooper I have just finished watching the latest episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones – The Viper and the Mountain. It shows many developments as well as holds up George R.R. Martin’s love of shocking his audience. *Spoiler Alert* – this article contains spoiler information The duel between the Viper, Oberyn Martell, ...

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Renly Baratheon Talks Game of Thrones

Anthony Gethin, who plays Renly Baratheon on the Hit HBO series Game of Thrones, sits down with Legendarium’s Jay Johnstone to talk about strong female leads, butt doubles, and working with Finn Jones.  When asked if he employed a ‘butt’ stand-in on his intimate scene with Loras Tyrell, played by Finn Jones, his reply was, “No I don’t have a ...

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Misty Mountain Children

Kevin Croxton, who teaches music at Parkview Elementary School in Van Buren, Arkansas is definitely the type of music teacher we all wish we had while growing up.  Not only a music teacher with exceptional taste in music (pardon my prejudice), it takes a very special group of 4th and fifth graders to pull off a cover of ‘Misty Mountains ...

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EXCLUSIVE: The Hobbit. An interview with Grinnah!

While you’re waiting for the Worldwide Fan Event for the Hobbit, we are bringing you a little appetizer.  Our EXCLUSIVE interview with Grinnah (Stephen Ure).  Stephen plays Grinnah and Fimbul in the Hobbit, as well as playing Grishnakh and Gorbag in the Lord of the Rings movies.  He has been featured in Spartacus, Legend of the Seeker, Xena and Hercules! ...

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New Narnia Movie Announced

Moments ago it was announced by the C.S. Lewis Company that there will be another installment in the Narnia movies.  The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair will be produced jointly by the C.S. Lewis Company and The Mark Gordon Company. Gordon stated, “Like many readers, both young and old, I am a huge fan of C.S. Lewis’s beautiful and ...

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