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Crystal is a writer, poet, reader, and public school educator from Virginia. She is happily married with three beautiful Terriers (adopted from local shelters). Her dissertation explored the leadership of C.S Lewis with postdoctoral work focusing on the leadership roles of artists. An unapologetic book nerd, Crystal loves to read and research works involving faith, literature, art, and leadership. She also possesses a deep, unrelenting interest in all things European, especially Doctor Who. You can read her weekly thoughts on her webpage/blog, friend her on Facebook, (Crystal Sullivan Hurd) and follow her on Twitter: @DoctorHurd and @hurdofficial.

Putting the “Wonder” in Wonder Woman (Spoiler-Free)

By now, most of the world has witnessed the phenomenon that is the superhero hit Wonder Woman. It surpassed $200 million dollars in its first two weekends domestically, and is the #1 film in the world, much to the joy and surprise of many film critics. This film is the debut of Wonder Woman as a film protagonist, only 76 ...

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Exclusive Interview with Robert Beatty – Serafina and the Twisted Staff Giveaway

An Exclusive Interview with Robert Beatty “She stood on the rocky ledge and scanned the valley in front of her. In the distance, the pointed towers and slate-covered rooftops of the grand Biltmore Estate rose from the darkness of the surrounding forest. The pale gray limestone walls were adorned with gargoyles of mythical  beasts and fine sculptures of the warriors ...

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Book Review: Bedeviled: Lewis, Tolkien and the Shadow of Evil

Book Review: Bedeviled: Lewis, Tolkien and the Shadow of Evil Crystal Hurd   Colin Duriez’s latest book is full of evil. Or more specifically, it explores how C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien wove the theme of good and evil into their respective literary works. You may be familiar with Duriez’s work. He is absolutely prolific. My shelf is full of ...

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Book Review: C.S. Lewis Goes to Hell

C.S. Lewis was sitting in church during a particularly long sermon when he suddenly stumbled onto an idea. What if the devil revealed all of his malevolent strategies? What if parishioners were made aware of their faults not through their own eyes or scripture, but through the lens of the enemy? Lewis wrote to his brother Warren (“Warnie”) on July ...

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May Nerd Block Unboxing

It’s that time again! I received my May Nerd Block just a few days ago and again, I’M PLEASED with what I received. Nerd Block and I were off to a rocky start, but the past two boxes have been incredible. This month’s themes were Star Wars and Star Trek with a nod to Ray Bradbury.  I really loved everything ...

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April Nerd Block Unboxing

Talk about a turn around. Earlier this month, I did a review of my March Nerd Block Box. It was…well…okay. I loved some items and meanwhile tucked others away in a closet. NOT THIS MONTH. Yesterday the April Nerd Block plopped onto my porch. I was excited and curious to see what was in it. This time, I was not ...

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March Nerd Block Unboxing (Doctor Who)

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. No matter what you enjoy, I can almost guarantee that there’s a subscription box for it. I considered some literature boxes (such as Owlcrate or LitCube), but for $30-$40 I can purchase books that I WANT from Book Outlet without all of the buttons and Out of Print socks  (of which I ...

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An Exclusive Interview with Andrew Peterson

Recently, Legendarium spoke with author Andrew Peterson about the Kickstarter launched to finance an animated series of his best-selling books The Wingfeather Saga.  The series currently includes four books: On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, North! Or Be Eaten, The Monster in the Hollows, and The Warden and the Wolf King. For more information, visit Wingfeather Saga and ...

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A Sarcastic Review of the New Deadpool Movie *Spoilers*

Courtesy of The following review is written with the trademark sarcasm of Deadpool. This is not the usual style of the article’s author, just more a literary experiment. The author doesn’t normally write like this, and opinions expressed in this review are all jokes (except the whole “this film is great and you should go see it” thing). If ...

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