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Andy Poole

Some say that the pen is mightier than the sword, but Andy Poole brandishes both. He lives in Raleigh, NC where he writes fantasy stories from a second-story room doubling as a library and Medieval armory. His writing style is inspired from influences as varied as Victorian Gothic literature and 80s thrillers like Miami Vice. When he's not building new worlds or saving our own, he likes to interact with his followers through Facebook at and Twitter at @andypoolewriter. You can also reach him at by email at

Field Reports: Viewer Impressions of “The Battle of Five Armies.”

  Image from   At opening day on December 17 in Cary, NC, three viewers of “The Battle of Five Armies” took the time to give their impressions for the Legendarium community. The answers contain spoilers.   Anonymous: “I thought the battle scene was too protracted, it went on for far too long, but I thought the very rare ...

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The Battle of Five Armies: “All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter”

Image from With a movie titled “The Battle of Five Armies,” viewers could expect a lot of battle scenes, but behind the dazzle of special effects and splintering spears weaves a tale of fall and redemption, of pride and power, of material gain and loss of life. Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage), Bard the Bowman (Luke Evans), and Thranduil of ...

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Interview with Cartoonist Ben Caldwell at NC ComiCon 2014

Author and cartoonist Ben Caldwell took the time to answer some questions for an interview with the Legendarium news team. Ben’s contributions to the worlds of fantasy and science fiction include his instructional art books “Action! Cartooning” and “Fantasy! Cartooning,” his original Dare Detectives series, cover art for Justice League Unlimited, artwork for Star Wars: The Clone Wars comics, comic ...

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NC ComiCon 2014: Realizing Epic Worlds on Paper and the Screen

Three writers and artists joined forces Saturday at the 2014 NC ComiCon to share their experiences in building fictional worlds with an audience of fans and aspiring creators. Ben Caldwell, a cartoonist whose credits include “Action! Cartooning,” “Fantasy! Cartooning,” and artwork for Star Wars: The Clone Wars comics, got the panel started. He advised would-be writers and artists to develop ...

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LEAH Announces “Kings & Queens” Album

Today, LEAH, often called “The Metal-Enya,” announced her new album, “Kings & Queens.” The announcement promises “the heaviest of all her releases” and features “worldly Celtic, middle eastern, and New-Age flavors, while lyrically laced with epic imagery of dystopias, fallen empires, spiritual warfare, love and destiny.” A number of heavy metal celebrities contribute their talents to the project, including Timo ...

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Pilot Episode May Renew Viewers’ Interest in “Person of Interest”

Reese, Finch, and Bear the dog talk saving the world over a chess board. Image from CBS.   Season 3 of “Person of Interest” saw the dissolution of the terrorist group Vigilance, the dispersion of the heroes, and the awakening of Samaritan. It focused on the new threat posed by the superior surveillance machine, Samaritan, and the security threats it ...

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The Piano Guys Play Batman Theme Songs

Today, the Piano Guys released “Batman Evolution,” a music video tribute to 50 years of Batman theme songs. This musical journey through Batman history covers landmark music by Neal Hefti (1966), Danny Elfman (1989), and Hans Zimmer (2005). Each theme  is played on a stage set representative of the original show or film, and the three Batmobiles on the sets ...

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“Gotham”: Enough Lore for Bat-Fans, Accessible to Newcomers

Gotham Banner from Follow the Nerd   From Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” to DC’s “Arrow,” comic book heroes have become a staple for major television networks—not as animated children’s cartoons, but as live-action shows targeting teens and adults. “Gotham” is unique in that all the action takes place before the career of the hero that made the fictional city a ...

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