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Legendarium TV Recap: Supernatural (Season 12, episode 3)


Supernatural- Season 12 Episode 3- The Foundry

Dean, Sam, and Mary go on a hunt together. Mary was the one to find the case and the boys agree it needs to be checked out. It leads them to an abandoned house full of ghosts. During the case, Mary gets hurt and is possessed by one of the ghosts. After the case is over Mary makes a decision that will change things between her and the boys. She decides to leave so she can think about and come to terms with everything she has learned about them and John. She tells them that she loves them but it is hard seeing them as grown men because to her they are still little boys and she is with John. That is her heaven and she just needs time to process all of it. Sam hugs her as she gets ready to leave. Dean does not. He is hurt by her decision to leave. He just wants the family together.

Castiel and Crowley are working together despite Castiel saying no. They then track Lucifer to a cabin Vince Vincente has. They get there too late. Lucifer has already left thanks to Rowena. She tricked him into letting her do a spell that would make Vince’s body strong enough to handle Lucifer. Instead, it was one that sped up the decaying process of the body. Castiel tries to get her to come with them and she says no. Then she tells them that when they have him cornered she will be there to help.

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In next week’s episode, the brothers investigate a devout religious family living off the grid hiding a secret that could destroy them all.

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