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Legendarium TV Recap: Arrow, Supernatural, The Originals


Arrow: Episode- Genesis

Oliver and Felicity look for a way to defeat Darhk. Oliver and Felicity make contact with a friend of Constantine’s. The friend could possibly help them with defeating Darhk. Diggle follows a lead that might lead to Andy’s location and leaves to confront his brother. Darhk meanwhile is eliminating those that try to stand up to him. Andy on orders from Darhk attacks Diggle and his family. Diggle and Andy have a final confrontation that ends Andy’s life. Oliver and Darhk have a showdown which ends with Darhk disappearing. Alex and Thea go on a vacation that quickly goes bad. Thea accuses Alex of drugging her when she can’t remember anything about their trip to the house they are staying at. Thea has been taken by H.I.V.E. and is being held in a subdivision of houses in a hive like dome. Darhk wants to end the world will Oliver and the team be able to stop him before it happens.


Supernatural: Episode- Don’t Call Me Shurley

Amara wrecks havoc on a small town. She unleashes a stronger version of the black vein virus on the town. They team up with the sheriff to protect the town. Sam and Dean realize that the original remedy no longer works on the virus when Sam becomes infected again. Amara used the virus to send a message to Dean that he wouldn’t be able to stop what is about to happen and that there would be casualties. Chuck makes a return tonight and the answer to the question fans have had since the end of Season Five is answered. Chuck is God. Dean’s amulet which hasn’t been seen in a long time reappeared in Sam’s jacket pocket and was glowing. Chuck has a plan to stop Amara and save Lucifer and Cas. He reveals his plan next week to Sam and Dean. A showdown between Amara and Chuck seems to be on the horizon.


The Originals: Episode- Where Nothing Stays Buried

After the plan that left their family in shambles, Klaus, Elijah, and Freya search for a way to take down Lucien once and for all. Their efforts are stop momentarily when they receive an urgent plea from Kol and Marcel to save Davina. Klaus insists that Freya and Elijah stay and offer their help. It’s too late to save Davina. He and Hayley leave for the bayou after learning Lucien’s latest plan. A showdown between Klaus and Lucien makes Freya take matters into her own hands. In doing so, she sets off a chain of events that will change all of their lives forever. Marcel and Vincent blame Klaus, Elijah, and Freya for what happened to Cami and Davina. They come up with a plan to get the Mikaelsons out of New Orleans one way or another.

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