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Legendarium TV Recap: “Arrow”, “Supernatural”, “The Originals”, and “Grimm”



Felicity faces her past as she deals with what has happened to her. She receives her codename. Oliver and Felicity talk about her codename Overwatch. She asks him why that name and not something else. He tells her because Oracle was taken. Oliver has to learn to live with the new way of life he and Felicity are adjusting to now that she’s in a wheelchair. Diggle has to learn to trust Andy when someone from their past shows up in Star City. Now they are dealing with Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E. as well as the person from Diggle’s and Andy’s past.



This week’s episode had Dean and Sam dealing with a banshee. They receive a little help from a female hunter who happens to be deaf and wants to kill the banshee because it killed her parents when she was baby. An older woman at the retirement village where the banshee is attacking its victims flirts a little with Dean. The brothers have a talk about who their favorite golden girl was. Cas nearly destroys the file cabinets at the bunker looking for something that he says will help them deal with the Amara situation. Dean might be becoming a little suspicious about Cas and whether or not something is wrong with him.


The Originals

The mid-season return was one where we saw the change of one character and the death of another. Hayley and Jack are taken hostage by Tristan. Tristan wants to torture Hayley and decides the best torture is for her to watch and be able to do nothing while someone she loves is killed. He kills Jack by ripping his heart out. Vincent resumes his role as regent of the witches and Tristan is trying to control him but he finds out that Vincent won’t be controlled. Klaus wakes up to find Cami dead or is she. She was forced by Aurora to drink some of her blood and slit her own throat. When Cami wakes up she’s neither living nor dead until she feeds. She refuses to feed at first but in the end she gives in. Elijah and Frey devise a plan that leads to a tense showdown with the Strix and leaves Tristan on lockdown with no way out.



In the mid-season return Nick is still in shock after Juliette after the ambush. He wants to find her so they can talk. Juliette now goes by the name Eve. Trubel gives him some information that leads him to Juliette. He’s able to meet her and after talking with her he realizes the Juliette he knew and was in love with might be gone for good.  The escalating violence among the Wesen has Monroe and Rosalee contacting the Wesen council for possible answers. All the members of the council except for one are murdered. Information as to who the mystery group is are given by a council member to Rosalee and Monroe. Trubel confirms it and fills Nick in on what she knows about the group.





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