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Watch the new ARTHUR & MERLIN movie NOW on Legendarium Media!

Arthur & Merlin

Legendarium Media is proud to present the online release of ARTHUR & MERLIN, a Movieworks production directed by Marco van Belle, starring Kirk Barker as Arthur and Stefan Butler as Merlin.

In dark ages Britain, a time of myth and magic, a powerful druid is bent on destroying the Celtic people. Arthur, a banished warrior, and Merlin, a hermit wizard, embark on a heroic quest to stop the druid and save their people, before the Celts are gone forever, lost to mere myth themselves.

You can view the trailer and purchase the film (for about the price of a cup of coffee), on the Legendarium movie page, HERE.


Enjoy the film! And please let the Legendarium team know what you think about this new take on the Arthur and Merlin mythology in the comments, below. Do you want to see more films like this? Let us know!

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Erik Yeager is a filmmaker, author, professor, entrepreneur, and Director of Media and Operations at Legendarium Media, LLC. Erik's first novel, THE NARROW ROAD, is available here:

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