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#HarrisonFord: Hollywood Reacts to Harrison Ford’s Plane Crash

The world got quite a scare yesterday when Harrison Ford’s plane went down in Los Angeles. Thankfully, because not even Harrison Ford can take out Harrison Ford, the actor is expected to make a full recovery.

Celebrities from all over the science fiction/fantasy genre took to social media to wish the best for the beloved adventure hero.

Love came in from the Shire:

Lando sent out a message for his ol’ buddy, ol’ pal:

Luke offering up some movie magic solutions:

Message received from the Enterprise:

Kevin Smith places the blame on Indy’s pilot:

This morning, World of Warcraft tweeted out this picture in honor of in-game hero and somehow awfully familiar Harrison Jones…

M. Night Shyamalan saying what we were all thinking:

And finally from Legendarium Media – Feel better, you ol’ scoundrel. #NeverTellMetheOdds


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