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SDCC: Daniel Radcliffe Dresses up as Spider-Man


Star of the enormously popular Harry Potter films, Daniel Radcliffe, was able to enjoy San Diego Comic Con this Friday by donning a full body Spider Man costume. Looks like the actor, who is at the con to promote his new film Horns, spent the day fully embracing the Comic con life: enjoying the booths, walking around, and even interacting with fellow fans and attendees.


Daniel revealed himself during MTV’s live stream, saying “You don’t go to comic con without going down on the floor and seeing it all, so the way I came up with doing that was Spider Man” (source) :

Since Daniel is darn near impossible not to recognize, the full body costume allowed him to enjoy Comic Con for the first time, just like anybody else:

“Everyone’s just here to have a good time, everyone’s here just to be unapologetic about how much they love the thing they love and that’s a wonderful atmosphere to walk into.”

Watch the video below to hear a bit more from Dan on this year’s Comic Con and his upcoming film, Horns:

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