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The Mythgard Institute Launches The Mythgard Academy


The Mythgard Institute, founded in 2011 was designed to create a rigorous, intensive and educational experience for students all over the world in Tolkien studies, fantasy, science fiction and mythical literature by utilizing the technology of the twenty-first century. Online courses are offered for these subjects and these classes are taught and led by world class teachers and scholars. The Mythgard Institute has established a Master’s Degree program in imaginative literature and language. However, now the institute is expanding its educational program and they are using an Indiegogo campaign to acquire funds for this expansion. One of the advantages to this way of receiving a quality education is that it is affordable and you can also interact online, through video casts and podcasts with faculty and other students. You do not have to choose between a great education and financial independence when choosing to study at the Mythgard Institute. To learn more about their academics program go here.


This summer The Mythgard institute is expanding by launching Mythgard Academy and they have created a campaign on Indiegogo to help fund the academy. Their goal has been reached but the campaign is not finished. More funds are always welcomed and needed to expand beyond their original goals. If you are a reader and lover of imaginative literature and you want to support what they are doing please go to their campaign page and become a supporter. What will the Mythgard Academy accomplish? Well, let Professor Cory Olson explain in the video below.

Intensive study with scholars and professors of dynamic, brilliant imaginative literature, serious discussion of such works.  The only limit is the imagination. Such projects need and deserve support to keep the literature of fantasy, science fiction and myth alive, relevant and important in today’s culture. These are a part of the cultural heritage of everyone.  There are no people who do not have mythic and imaginative stories to tell and these stories last because within one finds meaning and truth.

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